We all have to start somewhere, under this heading you will find information on how to take up this sport.

Whether you live in Calgary or California, getting yourself pumped up in the mood to run can take some time. A lot of people tend to go back and forth on their decision to get in shape. It's kind of like reneging on a New Year's resolution. One moment you're all ready to start running around the block and the next you decide to put it off until next year. There's help out there for you if you really want to start running but just can't get yourself in top gear.

There's nothing to be ashamed of if you need help getting started. It's an uphill climb and sometimes you just need that little push to help you up the mountain. Getting up and off the couch in your cozy home can be achieved a lot quicker if you hire a trainer. Sure, there are tons of training programs online that can set up a running regiment for you. They don't even cost that much. The money you save though won't be able to prepare you for a personal running program that suits your needs.

Finding the right personal running trainer in your area might be tough. You do have options though. A great way to go about finding a trainer is through your local gym. Most cities have multiple gyms which gives you an even greater chance of finding a trainer. Just walk in and talk to one of the people running the reception area and tell them what you're looking for. Hopefully, they can set you up with what you need. A lot of gyms have trainers on staff that can be hired out for personal assignments. Sometimes you do need to be a gym member to have access to them. If you aren't, you might be able to work out some sort of a deal.

If you have a regular family doctor, they might be able to recommend a local fitness or health centre that are dedicated to exercising and living a healthy lifestyle. Those centres are sometimes staffed with trainers who can work up a running program for you. If you don't feel comfortable running with a stranger, you can ask one of your friends to become your running buddy.

Before you start running around your neighbourhood, make sure that you are ready to go. Even if you don't end up hiring a running coach or trainer, see to it, amongst many things, that you have the right running shoes, you're properly hydrated and have stretched out before your run. You can't be too prepared for that 5K run in your area.

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