Lunch Hour Workout

Getting to the gym can be quite the hassle sometimes. You just might not be motivated enough to get off the couch and turn off the documentary you're watching on TV about the making of shed enclosures. Or you just can't find the time in your busy schedule to fit in a work out at the gym or a run outside. It's not hard to come up with excuses to get out of going to the gym. Not finding the time is usually the most common excuse. Whether you work at a large clinic, a law firm, a repair shop or a rental store, using work as an excuse is usually the number one reason people give as to why they don't go to the gym.

If you do find that you indeed do have a hectic schedule at work and can't find the time out of your busy day to hit up the gym for some light exercise or a run, try to find a time during the day that you can fit in a work out or a run. In the morning before work might be too complicated and you might find yourself rushing out the door to get to work in time. So, that won't work. One potential time of the day that could work is during lunch. Most workers are afforded a lunch break at their place of employment.

Lunch breaks are usually an hour long. An hour is just the right amount of time one needs for a quick workout. You might think that it would be unusual to go for a run during lunch but it might actually be practical. Instead of running errands such as going out to buy a new phone or actually sitting down to eat your lunch, get active. Go for a light run or jog around the building. If there's a public park nearby your office, a brisk power walk through the park could also be an ideal substitute for going to the gym.

Getting a quick lunch work out will make you feel better about ignoring the gym. It will also boost your energy throughout the day and perhaps make you more productive at your job. An energized real estate broker makes a happy real estate broker. That mantra can also be applied to any other type of job.

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