Half Marathons

For some people, one of the best ways to stay on track with a workout is to set a final goal. That might be to lose a certain amount of weight or to complete some sort of physical feat. If you're interested in running than you may want to sign up to try a half marathon. Everyone from someone who works in an office to a personal chef can do what it takes to complete this 13.1-mile or 21.1 kilometer race. There are many ways that you can get into shape for an event like this in just a few short months.

All About Marathon Running

There is hardly anyone who can walk into a half marathon without doing at least a few months of training beforehand. Most experts suggest you prepare by running four days a week and resting for three days. You can increase your distances as you become more accustomed to running long distances. You could start by jogging to and from your job or could join a running club in your community. Rest time is as important to the process as your workout days as there is a large risk of injury when you've overworked your muscles.

Some people take running marathons as much more than a hobby and travel the world running the top races. Instead of working in a factory or in customer service they are sponsored to run and attempt to break new records. The current world record for a female runner was set in 2007 by a Dutch runner named Lornah Kiplagat. She was able to complete a race in Udine, Italy in a time of 66:25. This was nineteen seconds faster than the previous record, which was set by South African runner Elana Meyer in 1999 in Tokyo, Japan. The current fastest male runner of half marathons is Zersenay Tadese of Eritea, who had a time of 58:23 in 2010.

There are many training schedules and stretching routines available online for those interested in learning more about training for their first race. If you're living in a condo and are training on a treadmill at the condo gym, you may want to venture outside during warmer weather to get used to battling the different weather and terrain conditions that you might encounter during a race.

There are also many lists available online of the most popular races throughout North America and the rest of the world. Instead of simply signing up for a race that goes by your townhouse you could combine a race with vacation plans. This could mean running a race through a tropical location like Toronto, or the streets of Paris. This might be a great experience that you will never forget.

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