While many people enjoy the quiet and peacefulness that running can bring, others need a little motivation to get those shoes on and get them out the door. Running can be a great form of exercising and rewarding activity for everyone and one of the best ways to keep at it is to find a running buddy. They could be someone who lives in your neighbourhood or a colleague from work. Here are some tips on finding the right running mate for you and some more information on exercising with a friend.

Try to choose a running buddy that enjoys the same kind of run that you do. Some people like to do laps on an indoor track while others might be training for a half marathon and find more pleasure running on the road. If you're passing a friend or acquaintance often on the trails for example, they might be a good choice.

Also, look for someone who runs at a similar speed that you do. This will mean that both of you are getting the same level of workout, with no one pushing themselves to catch up or going slower than they could. If you're exercising with someone for a long time, you will begin to both get stronger at a similar level. If you are the slower one during a few runs in a row, that might turn around the next week and you will likely catch up again. Or you could start out walking as part of a program and work your way up to running together. Wherever and whoever you run with, after a good run and hot shower, how nice would it be to relax in your own home?

If you're unsure of whether running with a friend is right for you, than you can try joining a running group for a month. If you're living in a populated area there is likely a group associated with a sports store or gym in your area. A running group can be great for people who are just trying to stay in shape and those that are training for running events. They are usually led by a personal trainer or running expert who can even help you with your technique.

Running together can be great for two people to get to know each other better. You could propose a weekly run with your child or spouse as a way to stay productive but still have some quality time together. Or, your running buddy could just represent your set appointment to go for a run. You are less likely to skip it if someone else is counting on you to be there. You will find many different types of running pairs. Adding a friend could really improve your exercising experience.

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