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Got to look the part, but have to be comfortable and safe. We look at some of the products and gear that can help with your running.

Running can be a fun way to keep fit, but only if you have the right shoes. Jogging or running in improper footwear can lead to blisters in the short term and to foot, knee, and back pain, in the long term. Therefore if you want to take up running, even if it's just around your home, you should take care to buy the proper footwear. If you're not sure how to find the right shoe, this guide should help start you off on the right foot.

Type of Shoe

The proper type of shoes to wear running or jogging are athletic shoes or "sneakers" - specifically running shoes. Flat soled skateboard sneakers will cause you pain and non-sneaker shoes (such as boots or even hiking shoes) are too stiff and will cause blisters. The best thing to do is to go into the sport store or shoe store near you and check the shelves for the shoes that are labeled "running." Cross-trainers will also work for most people because they're like the 3-season tire of shoes.

Fit of Shoe

The most important thing about your running shoe is that it should fit you properly. Just like you shopped around before picking a new car, you should try on several different models and sizes of shoes before you decide. Ordering online based on your typical size or buying without trying on are big no nos. Walk or jog around the store with the shoes on. Are they slipping at the heels? Pinching your toes? If there's any discomfort in this initial test, it will only get worse as you run.

Some women have a lot of trouble getting running shoes that fit. Women with narrow heels, flat arches, or very wide feet will find it almost impossible to find a pair of factory-made running shoes that fit adequately. In this case, it may be worth it to consider foregoing the designer purse this year and spending the money on a custom made pair of shoes. Another solution might be to modify the factory made shoe with custom orthotics.

Brand of Shoe

Buying a pair of running shoes need not be expensive, but be aware that buying cheaper non-brand name shoes is like buying older homes for sale - they fall apart faster. A good solution is to go for a popular brand like New Balance or Nike on sale. Athletic stores often sell last years' models at clearance prices.

Learn more at "How To Choose Running Shoes". Good luck to you and your feet!

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