Warm Up and Cool Down

One of the great things about condo living is that residents have access to a personal gym, available to inhabitants of the building only. There is a full range of equipment available to ensure that you stay in shape without leaving the comfort of your own building. It's a touch that has worked well for a lot of cutting edge condo developments, as the typical owners of condo units tend to be professionals who also want to stay in shape.

Even if your own condo don't include a gym, though, odds are you still want to get some exercise in on a regular basis. That might mean getting out and going for a regular run in the local park or even just around the block. Indoors or outdoors, on a treadmill or a bike path, one of the most important things for you to do before a run is a warm up. Proper stretching and warm up techniques have several benefits to the runner, no matter how old, how in shape, or how hard the run. Of course, the more extreme the run the more comprehensive your warm up routine will have to be.

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The main reason people warm up their muscles before a run is to avoid injury. Strenuous exercise of any kind puts a lot of new pressure on muscles, which remember are made from tough ligaments in the body. These tissues can tear, and many a naturopath has had clients who hurt their bodies while trying to help them. Engaging in a quick five minutes of warm up stretches before you start your run can help you avoid muscle tears, by getting your muscles ready for the upcoming activity.

Doing some routine stretches can also mean your run goes a lot more efficiently. Your brain will know something is up when you start to manipulate your muscles in a new way, and will kick your body into exercise mode. You'll burn more calories, and you will also find that you perform much better over the course of the run.

Warming up is not all about stretching, and you don't do it all before you leave the building. In fact, the first ten percent of your jog or run should be a warm up as well. Don't hit your real pace yet, as you get your body accustomed to working at a new level.

Finally, don't neglect the cool down when you are finished your run. People think that they return home and that's it, they can sit down and have a drink while reading a book. But doing a series of stretches once you get in can help your muscles start to relax.

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