Where To Run In The City

Living in the heart of the city can be daunting for those who want to stay in shape. That sea of people poses a big problem as far as comfort level when you want to go out for a run. Obviously, running along the main streets is out; you are forced to follow the pace of the crowd. However, even in the big city there are many different options for those of us who want to get out of the downtown condo for rent we have for a run.

Actually, that condo you rent may be the first place on your list as far as an exercise opportunity. Modern King West lofts, Yonge condos and others usually include workout facilities somewhere around mid building. Amenities here will often include treadmills and pools, gyms and workout rooms. For those who like everything within steps of their living space, these type of units make great housing options.

Of course, not everyone lives in the latest condos, so an in house workout might not be an option. The next thing to check out are gyms in your area. There are half a dozen YMCAs located in the downtown area, as well as countless other gyms and exercise centres. They all include everything you need for a good workout, and you can do that while you watch TV or listen to your own music.

And then of course there are the many parks located throughout downtown Toronto. Riverdale, Queen's, and Trinity Bellwoods are some of the largest and most popular. They include extensive trails well used by runners with some great scenery.

Of course, even running in a public park has its drawbacks. For starters, the parks themselves can become quite crowded. When it starts to get warm and sunny especially, the paths can become congested with bikers, roller bladders, moms and strollers, children, other joggers, and those cutting through on their way to work. That means you have to take some time to get familiar with a park's schedule in order to get your run in.

There is also a concern with safety whenever you run in a public park, particularly for women. They don't have the security you would find on KMFRC of course, so that means you have to design your own safety plan. The best thing to do is run in a group of three or more people. There are various running clubs throughout the city you can join if you don't have friends who want to make the commitment with you.

Remember that although busy parks may pose some inconvenience, they also provide safety. Running when there are a lot of people around cuts down on the risks of being surprised by some of the less savoury elements in our society!

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