Indoor Versus Outdoor Tracks

Running can be a great way to stay in shape and release all of the stresses of you're day. Whether you're training for the Boston Marathon or just trying to lose some weight it is an activity that can be enjoyed by young and old. But, should you venture out of your home to run outside or stay indoor and use a gym track? Both have their advantages and are ideal for different lifestyles. Here are some pros and cons to the various running sites that you can make use of.

With an indoor track you never have to worry about the weather outside or terrain issues that come with more natural designs. This fabricated running track is usually going to be an exact kilometer or half kilometer in size and is designed specifically to enhance and highlight your running experience. If you're living in a large city like Toronto, than there are likely several gyms in your area that include an indoor track.

One of the drawbacks of an indoor track is that you usually have to be a member of a gym or running club to have access to the track. This might not be possible if you're in school or paying rent. Indoor tracks also do not fully train you for races that happen outside. If you've only trained on terrain that is all flat and even than you will likely be thrown off by the hills and imperfect roads that are usually present on racing courses.

Outdoor tracks can be as well-maintained as their indoor counterparts and allow you a bit more of the conditions that you will experience in an outdoor race. Many people also enjoy being outside when they exercise. You might get a nice breeze with your run and can get a little vitamin D while you're out in the sun. If you're living in a condo and don't get a lot of time outside than this might be enough reason to choose to run outside.

There is also a third option when it comes to running. You could forgo the track all together and exercise by running alongside a road with limited traffic or experience the outdoors in a local park. If you're living in the countryside for example, there are many sights to see that might add something to your run. This will also prepare you better for a road or country racecourse. If you enjoy learning about new things, why not read "Did You Know?" and watch the posted video created by fellow runners and partners at Bear Equipment (wire rope sheaves dealer). We think you may learn a thing or two.

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