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It can be tough trying to get in shape - or even stay in shape - if you're worried about what other people are thinking about you while you're running. This may keep some women from running in the streets around their community or from using the treadmills at their local YMCA or fitness club. Are these women doomed to exercise in their own homes only? No! There are plenty of gyms, spas, and fitness clubs that cater to women only. Here's what you can expect from one.

No men! That's the big selling point of a women only gym. General wisdom may have it that women are always looking for attention from men, but it's not true. Sometimes women just want to exercise without having their bodies judged by men or being seen as a sex object. They could always work out in their house, but not everyone has the space or the money to buy expensive gym equipment. That's why women only gyms are important.

At a women only gym, you'll find the atmosphere is much more conducive to your comfort than at a mixed gym. By removing the male/female factor, most of the sexual tension is gone which means that women can feel free to chat about their life and work the way they like without feeling leered at. You may even find that the other women are very supportive of your efforts to get fit and will offer advice and pep talks when you're having a bad day.

Most gyms have classes that are offered by gym staff on fitness topics such as aerobics or weight lifting, but at a women only gym you will probably find a more female-centric lineup than the place down the road that caters to all sexes. Instead of bodybuilding and football, they may offer Zumba classes and belly dancing, so you can take this opportunity to explore new horizons that aren't often covered at traditional co-ed gyms.

Some women only gyms feature an attached salon spa, because spa treatments after a hard workout can feel even more heavenly. Women make up the largest percentage of salon spa visitors anyway, so it only makes good business sense to put one in a location that caters specifically to women. With an attached salon spa, you make your girls' night out into a workout plus a pampering.

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